arts & wellbeing

I design and facilitate creative workshops to enable wellbeing for a range of groups and organisations. Creativity and the arts offer different ways of expressing ourselves and connecting with others too, as well as the chance to slow down and get into a state of ‘flow’ which can be beneficial to our wellbeing. 


I create sessions that everyone can participate - regardless of their experience - and enjoy supporting people to explore their creativity.

Some examples of what I could offer groups or organisations are:

  • A series of 8 x weekly one hour creative sessions for wellbeing and connection taking inspiration from a wide range of artists and techniques across the globe. Open to people of all or no creative experience.


  • A one-off 2.5 hour creative workshop to explore one theme using a particular medium, for example collage and emerging joy. 


  • A short series of 3 x monthly 2 hour creative workshops including making and reflection time to build a sense of connection and encourage sharing between participants.

Please contact me directly for more information and quotes.